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Chuck Rasmussen
26 Aug, 2014

Very cool. Kudos to you !

26 Aug, 2014

You have articulated very well the trials of SSA, starting at a very young age. I am so happy the Lord blessed you with the family eternal unit. Thank you for your testimony and story.

27 Aug, 2014

Thank you for sharing...hearing your story gives me strength and knowledge on how to love those around me who I know deal with SSA. May God bless you with the desires of your heart.

27 Aug, 2014

Thank you for sharing! I really like how Paul explains strength and weakness. I've always felt similarly to you about the scripture in Ether, in regards to being healed of depression. I know that Christ strengthens us during our weakest moments. I have felt it time and again. Keep the faith! You're where you need to be doing what you should be doing. That's all that matters.

Roxanna Patterson
8 Sep, 2014

The experiences we have had up to this point in our lives, good and bad, are EXACTLY the experiences we've needed to get us where we are and who we are today. This physical journey our spirits are having has an eternal purpose and the experiences we've had are just the ones required to grow and stretch and develop into who we are now. We need not be frustrated with ourselves because we've not accomplished our goals yet. We have more good and bad things to come and they too will be just what we need to improve, develop, learn and become who the Lord needs us to become. You are a magnificent being not just because you're a son of a King, but because you are YOU. Hold fast and press forward doing all you can. The Lord's grace will make up the rest.


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