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3 Nov, 2014

realmente muito incrível :D

4 Nov, 2014

Thank you for your essay. I am in a similar situation right now in my journey. Like you I experience SGA and recently proposed to my girlfriend. The whole "I think we're getting married...When are we getting married!?" definitely applies to me. As do your comments about depression. Thank you for your testimony and your faith in staying true to the gospel. If the depression comes back remember this: You have made my life better by sharing your story. Thank you.

19 Nov, 2014

Ethan, thanks for sharing this! Wow, posting your story before even getting married, very courageous and touching. God bless both of you. May the Lord bless you with Fun and Happiness, and an eternal posterity. God bless

12 Jan, 2015

I'm a man from Brazil and I live exaclty the same thing, but I still longs for a girlfriend and a future wife. Thank you for sharing this. I was very encourajed trough this history. God bless you!

10 Jul, 2017

I kidd you not when I say I relate to 98% of your experiences. I can't believe two people can go through the same experiences, which only reassures the testimony I have of the plan of salvation and how we all accepted to face challenges here on earth. Thanks for sharing your story. I am looking forward to treating my depression, and marrying my girlfriend next year! God bless you brother.


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