Michael, a Voices of Hope participant, wrote:

"Filming my story for Ty Mansfield was incredible!! Words cant describe the experience. As soon as I walked in the door I could feel the spirit. The Spirit was so strong during the whole thing. Everyone was so friendly and full of light. I was so honored and thrilled to be among such wonderful people. The experience was definitely one ill never forget."

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On November 17th, 2012, the Association of Mormon Counselors and Therapists (AMCAP) and the Foundation for Attraction Research (FAR) co-sponsored a special conference, "Same-Sex Attraction: Reconciling Faith and Feelings,"" which explored homosexuality within the context of LDS faith and religious practice. The conference consisted of two panel discussions, on which several members of the North Star community were invited to participate. The conference was filmed and is now available online:

Link: AMCAP/FAR Conference addressing same-sex attraction

The book Voices of Hope very likely saved my life in February of 2012. "Hope" was not something that was in my vocabulary when it came to dealing with my SSA, until reading that book. As I started my long and arduous journey back to church membership after making some unwise choices out of anger and desperation, I heard a voice in my own heart: "you must share your story". I heard that voice on multiple occasions, and yet my "story" was not even a full story yet. When I heard about the VOH on-line project, I was excited and called Kerry Harding right away. But, my wife and I were hesitant to "go public", as only a few people in my family even knew of my story. Imagine, making one's self so vulnerable that ANY person with internet access could go to this site and read or listen to the most personal and private and intimate details of one's life! After many months, and praying about it, my answer was "yes!", I needed to share my story. I reasoned: If I could help just one person feel the hope that is available, the hope that is healing, the hope that comes from the Author of Salvation, even Jesus Christ, then my risk at public exposure would be worth it. After my essay was posted, I received many notes of thanks; I received personal emails that I had, indeed, in several cases made a difference in someone's life. What joy this gave me. Often, in this confusing world, it is difficult to find our way, especially with the complexity of SSA. As we reach out our arms to others, our arms become extensions of the Savior's arms. As I have watched the videos on VOH, and read the essays, my heart has been touched, and my spirit has received a strong witness, to the point of tears, that this is an inspired work. I give thanks to God every day, that there were Voices of Hope placed in my path, and for me that hope has made all the difference in the world; or for that matter: the eternities!

- Rick Hall

I truly believe there are many out there that are not only struggling with same-sex attraction but want to embrace the restored gospel. I've struggled with it all my life and to be honest there weren't many sources of hope that I had as I dealt with it. Voices of Hope has allowed me the wonderful opportunity to act as a voice of hope to the many children of god that are struggling with same-sex attraction.

- Joshua, Utah

The Voices of Hope project has been important for me in that I'm able to listen to individuals who have found a way to make it work. It was what was missing for me, as I had never heard these kinds of stories of faith and feelings before, though I suspected that they existed. It was exactly what I needed to help me move forward with my own challenges. Each voice is inspirational in its own way, and helps to build that hope within myself.

- Glen, Utah

It's amazing to hear about the great reach of the Voices of Hope project. I know how it has affected me personally. Growing up, dealing with feelings of SSA, I had a lot of negative self talk. I always imagined my future being very bleak and lonely. I even told myself that no one could truly love or accept me with all of my hidden faults. My way of dealing with issues related to SSA was to avoid them completely. I became aware of the Voices of hope back in March before getting involved with North Star or meeting anyone else. As I sat down and watched a few of the videos I began to feel something that I hadn't before. I began to feel hope. I watched many of the videos with tears streaming down my face. For the first time in my life, I realized that there were others like me. Others who struggled, but who also had a great desire to do what's right. I realized that marriage could still be an attainable goal for me even if I am unsure how to get there at this time. I realized that I didn't need to feel so alone. These videos gave me the strength to keep moving forward and to do a lot of hard things that I had refused to do for so long. This work is so important. It is changing people's lives.

- Blake, Utah

Thank you so much for face this subject in the way you are doing it and bless people, children of Our Heavenly Father, that need help, and NEVER GET TIRED OF DOING GOOD.

- Cristina, Arizona
Keep on going and you will see more steps ahead. Read the book voices of hope and in quite desperation. They helped me a lot, for the first i understand that the Lord is our Redeemer and what He has done for us. If we keep our focus on Him He will help us, but in His time and way.

- Nico, Netherlands
Josh and Lolly, thank you so much for having the courage to share your beautiful story. As I watched your video the Spirit testified to me of the great hope that is out there for those who struggle with feelings of Same Sex Attraction.

- Charlotte, Utah


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