New Video: Bradley Stoker

Bradley Stoker's journey through life has been fraught with challenges and trials, but through it all he's learned that God is at his side. He draws inspiration from close friends, family, and religious music. His sure testimony is that God lives and loves all of his children. Bradley lives in the suburbs of Chicago, where he works as an executive in a distribution center.

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New Video: Jeff & Sarah Case

Each day, Jeff Case has the opportunity to seek the Lord's will through prayer. As he does, he feels assurance from the Lord that he is doing the right thing. That assurance provides him with peace and a desire to serve, especially in his current calling as early morning seminary instructor. Jeff and his amazingly talented and beautiful wife, Sarah, have been married for 16 years. They are the parents of one son and two daughters.

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New Video: Jena Peterson

Known as someone who exudes light in all she does, Jena Peterson says her passion for life stems from her love for her Father in Heaven. She actively seeks opportunities to serve and loves to learn and teach about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Jena is married to a wonderful, loving man and has three beautiful children, two girls and a boy.

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Our initial goal is for the website to be a repository of a thousand voices of faithful Latter-day Saints dealing with these issues, sharing their stories and their faith —why they've chosen to embrace the restored gospel and how they've found peace and resolution in that decision.

This video documents the impact of the Voices of Hope project on one young man's journey toward wholeness and peace and takes the viewer behind the scenes of the project's production process to reveal all of the work, effort, time and equipment that makes this project the model of cinematographic excellence that has been a hallmark of this project since its inception. If you are inspired by this video to join us in furthering Voices of Hope's mission through becoming a financial partner in some way, please visit the Support a Voice page and give generously today. Your dollars will help thousands of lives for years to come.

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The Voices of Hope Project is an initiative of North Star International, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization that serves as a place of community and resource for Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction as well as their family, friends, and ecclesiastical leaders. North Star serves those who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines and values of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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