New Video: Kyle & Amy Merkley

Kyle and Amy both grew up in homes with loving families who taught them the importance of agency and the strength of the Atonement in effecting good in their lives. They met in a Latin class at BYU, which set the foundation for their deliciously nerdy love affair. They married five years ago in the Provo Temple. Kyle is currently working through a grad program in classics at BYU, and Amy teaches Latin to junior high students in Payson and classical mythology to BYU students. In their day-to-day life, they both enjoy gastronomy, shopping, freshwater fish-keeping, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, and watching My Little Pony. Kyle experiences gender dysphoria, and it is only through the loving help of Amy and the Atonement of Jesus Christ that Kyle has begun to find peace in his experience.



New Video: Randy Meier

A native of Utah, Randy Meier was raised in West Jordan where he developed a love for music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He experienced his same-gender attraction from a young age and has felt the frustrations, loneliness, and isolation that are often associated with trying to make sense of same-sex feelings. Through it all, Randy believes that God has always tried to direct him into paths that would bring about his greatest happiness. He felt impressed to live abroad, so he packed up and moved to the United Kingdom, later graduating with a masters degree in pharmacy from University of Nottingham. He takes great consolation and courage in knowing that God is ever mindful of and forever watching over him.



New Video: Justin DeLong

Justin is a student at Brigham Young University majoring in commercial music. He has a passion for music of all kinds (especially contemporary a cappella) and enjoys singing, playing the piano, and spending time with those he loves. Same-sex attraction is the vehicle by which Justin was brought to God. Since returning home from serving for two years in the Massachusetts Boston Mission, the main theme of his life has been learning to rely on the Lord in all he does. By taking things one day at a time, Justin has ultimately come to develop a personal relationship with the Savior and trust in Heavenly Fatherís plan for him.



New Video: Jordan & Kylie Lawson

Many years of searching for understanding through his experience with same-gender attraction led Jordan Lawson to peace, joy, and a temple marriage with his wife, Kylie. Having been married for over two years, they are currently expecting a son to be born in December. Jordan has a bachelorís degree in art and Kylie has her bachelorís degree in plant science. They currently live in northern Utah. The Lawsons have learned that it is through relying on the Lord that miracles can happen and that God is every detail of life, including marriage.



New Video: Rod Olson

Rod Olson engaged in a period of self-discovery by pursuing short- and long-term relationships with men. Toward the end of this period he fell into addiction, losing relationships, his career, friends, money, health, hope, and the ability to love in the process. With nowhere to turn, he entered a 12-step recovery program. This program, along with the gospel, saved Rodís life and gave him renewed faith in Jesus Christ. Rod is now active in the Church and rejoices in his testimony of the restored gospel.

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