Brandon's Experience

December 31, 1969

Brandon, a young man who recently saw the Voices of Hope Project preview video with Blake Fisher, shared the following with us about how the Blake's story impacted his life:

I want to share two experiences I had that are a testimony to the power of the Voices of Hope Project.

First, I decided to share the video on my family's private Facebook page. I felt like this would be a good opportunity to open up the dialogue. Many members of the family have held some false ideas and misconceptions about SSA and people who experience it because of an Uncle who broke apart his family and turned his back on Temple covenants to pursue a gay lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised by the response to my post from several individuals, but particularly touched by this comment from one family member:

"I think these sites would help my cousin. Could you send me the link to the full interview when you have access? I'm excited that the church is putting out so many loving messages. He's probably my favorite cousin because he's the most tender and loving boy I know. If I had one wish for him it would be that he could feel the full power of the love Heavenly Father has for him. Your friend sounds really great and brave."

Here is at least one soul that will be touched by these efforts.
The second experience actually does not belong to me, but to my girlfriend. She has talked to her parents a lot about SSA because of several of our close friends who experience it, and also because of our involvement with organizations, such as North Star. Her Dad initially had very little understanding about SSA and was less than thrilled at some of our connections with people who experience it. After he watched Blake's video, something in him completely changed. He had a newfound love and understanding that we agree could have only come from the Spirit.

I am excited to see what will happen with the project as the ripples begin to spread. I believe this project is inspired of God to help all people, not just those with SSA, to gain a more complete understanding of the love God has for them.

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