Cedric De Concordia

December 31, 1969

Since participating in the Voices of Hope project last November 2012, I have experienced a renewed faith, strength and courage to share my story with more within my circle of close friends and eventually with all of my friends and relatives on Facebook. The responses, received since my video was posted, have been overwhelmingly positive. Friends in the Church whom I met more than a decade ago and who have moved away suddenly wrote me to tell me how proud they were of me and how my story has helped them understand more of the Atonement and the Lord's tender mercies for His children. One of them particularly touched me. A brother from our stake wrote me an email after watching my recording with his wife. We did not know each other that well. We would just politely say hi to each other other at stake conferences, or activities. He shared with me how my video has helped him and his wife to feel more hopeful for their young son who is also experiencing same-gender attraction and has come out to the family not too long ago. I have not expected anything of this nature when I followed the prompting to to go Utah to record my story with Voices of Hope. I did not expect to have this kind of reach. This experience has taught me the ever importance of owning our life story and of sharing it with whoever wants to hear it. By so doing, I and them are uplifted and inspired in ways not thought of up until then. Thank you to the crew that works tirelessly and sacrifices of their precious time to make this God-inspired Voices of Hope Project possible. You have given us a voice. You have given us and the world hope!

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