Even with considerable volunteer energy, a project such as this requires significant financial resources. A committed participant has contributed $50k to underwrite the production costs of the first 50 or so video vignettes. But, to reach our goal of 1,000 Voices of Hope, we will ultimately need close to $1 million. This might be considered a staggering sum to many, but the eternal value of this project to make a lasting impact on thousands or even millions of lives is immeasurable.

If this is a project you feel called to support, please consider a generous financial donation to help it reach its full potential. Whether you can donate $20 or $20,000, no gift is too small or too large. Because North Star is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all contributions are tax deductible.

For over a year now, we have been selling t-shirts available for the Voices of Hope project. The cost of the t-shirts themselves has been underwritten by a member of the North Star community so 100% of the proceeds go to underwrite the costs of the videos themselves. It takes the sale of 14 t-shirts to pay for the editing of one video. If you can, show your support for this important project through the purchase of a Voices of Hope t-shirt today.

They are the highest quality cotton t-shirts available, pre-shrunk in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to XXL. They are $25.00 + $3.00 for shipping. To order, go to the Donate button to the right of this page and make your tax-deductable contribution for $28.00 today, indicating it is for "Voices of Hope t-shirt." We'll send you one right out.

Schedule a monthly automatic transfer with PayPal.

Monthly Amount

Make a one-time donation online using PayPal.

Send a check or money order payable to:

North Star International
PO Box 17227
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

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