Josh & Lolly Weed

Josh & Lolly Weed were best friends through their teenage years. They later fell in love and got married three months after Josh returned from his mission in South America. They live in the Pacific Northwest where Lolly stays at home with their children and Josh works as a Marriage and Family Therapist. After opening up about their story on their blog on their 10-year anniversary, they’ve received national media attention. As much as they want to share their story regarding same-sex attraction they also want people to understand the importance of their relationship with the Savior. In the end, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you as long as you have lived the life that God wanted you live and have found peace through Jesus Christ.

Josh's story is also included as an essay, "An Unlikely Gift," under the pseudonym Jason G. Lockhart in the book
Voices of Hope: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction —
An Anthology of Gospel Teachings and Personal Essays
, p. 316.

Elena Cerri
24 Feb, 2013

thank you for sharing your life with us!!!

13 Feb, 2014

"It's gonna be okay,It will be good, the journey will be good and beautiful." Such beautiful words from two amazing people, I have nothing but respect and admiration to you both. Thanks for being angels to give light and hope to those struggling to find their way. One day I hope to find an amazing woman who loves me for who I am as well, thanks for the video!

Alex Lindstrom
16 Jun, 2014

Just barely got around to watching this one! I'm so impressed with both of you and the courage it took to write that blog post. You are such great examples of following the Spirit.

Richard S Ware
17 Mar, 2015

Josh & Lolly- I am so happy for you and have been so connected to your story! I and my heart throb wife have struggled with ups and downs in the same-sex journey. I yearn for the honesty you have but see all around me the shadows of shame, defamation fear, inability to understand which have ostracized much of my life. My person feels like a split personality and it hurts not to be accepted for who I am. We have five children, three boys and two girls. If I were to try to identify what the basis of our struggle is, I would have to say both having a very poor self image and the insecurities that brings, the daily SDB's that are knee jerks. When you said, you didn't feel alone because you found affirmation with others, what a ballasting feeling! Is there any hope in finding a connection that will allow the fortress walls of Jericho to come tumbling down? We are 32 years married in June, both romantics at heart, love social interaction but have large wall up.


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