Jimmy Hales
11 Feb, 2013

Thanks for this Blake. While our stories aren't exactly the same, they still have many MANY similarities. I really liked what you said about hope. I've never really been able to put into words the type of hope I have, but I think you pretty much summed it up. I, too, have no idea where I'm going in life, but it doesn't worry me. It excites me if anything. Anyways, thanks again for sharing your story :)

Niels Arts
11 Feb, 2013

I just want to say, Thank you! "As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." ~Marianne Williamson

Becky Fisher
11 Feb, 2013

Blake, as your mom, I could not be prouder of what you're doing and how you're doing it. This is an amazing video! You and your testimony will bless the lives of many people.You have always been a blessing in mine. You and the Voices of Hope Project are an inspiration and are doing a great work that will have a HUGE impact on individuals, the church and the world. I'm so grateful that you're a part of North Star LDS!

Michael Packham
11 Feb, 2013

Your faith in God is inspiring. God does love his children--all of us. Same-gender attraction places us at a crossroads, either to turn away from him and follow after our natural-man passions or to humbly ask for his guidance and help as we strive to keep his commandments and maintain our faith. I'm proud of your choosing the latter.

Louise Read
11 Feb, 2013

Blake - what a wonderful video. Articulate and sensitive. I am so excited to watch the leadership you will provide toward our evolving models for intimacy, love, tolerance and family. You were an awesome little boy and now you are an awesome man! It is an honor to know you. Louise Read

Andrew Rogers
11 Feb, 2013

Blake, you are an awesome priesthood holder. I am so glad you were my Elders Quorum president. I am proud of you and you are always my friend. I know you will be great as you continue to apply the gospel in your life. You have shared a very good story for the world. Thanks for sharing your voice and story.

Penny Hughes
11 Feb, 2013

Blake, you are the strongest man I know. I am in utter awe of you. We all have our own challenges in this world. Some public, some private. I am so very proud of you, your integrity, your dedication to the Lord and your heart that wants to serve others. You have a great mission ahead of you and I consider it an honor to have known you for a good majority of your life.

Tanner Hughes
11 Feb, 2013

Love you Blake! We need to do game night again. That was fun.

Idahosa Jos-Bazuaye
11 Feb, 2013

I know how it feels, I can totally understand you Blake. Being a Christian and a follower and God and our lord Jesus Christ, and having same sex attractions. It can be confusing. But love yourself. God loves you and me and all of his children the same. :)

11 Feb, 2013

Blake, you are so brave for being a voice of hope for the voiceless, the misunderstood, and the marginalized. I hope your story will increase compassion and understanding and kill incorrect stereotypes. I can see that you've lived your life as an honest disciple of Jesus Christ so your words and your story are powerful. Thank you for your sincerity and openness.

11 Feb, 2013

Blake, don't ever feel alone. I don't share the same feelings as you, but I do have feelings about other things that cause doubt and worry. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone.

11 Feb, 2013

As having a brother who went through the same feelings I understand how hard it is. I was his confidant through the whole process. I know you have a lot os support from Your faith, family and friends . If you ever need somebody to listen I will always be here

11 Feb, 2013

Thank you for sharing this Blake. You truly are a wonderful person!

11 Feb, 2013

Blake, I would just like to say that I am always here for you. I really want to testify to you that all of us have our individualities that we are facing. With our faith in god we are able to stay true to our gospel. Love you!

11 Feb, 2013

Blake, you are so brave for being a voice of hope for the voiceless, the misunderstood, and the marginalized. I hope your story will increase compassion and understanding and kill incorrect stereotypes. I can see that you've lived your life as an honest disciple of Jesus Christ so your words and your story are powerful. Thank you for your sincerity, openness, and life of integrity.

11 Feb, 2013

Blake I'm glad to have you as a friend, you are awesome!

Megan Dahlgren
27 Mar, 2013

Blake, you are awesome. Enough said!

28 Mar, 2013

This is exactly my story. I just try to stay faithful to my covenants, with the faith that in the end, the grace of Christ will make all things well. I'm going on pure faith! God bless, Blake! Thanks for sharing your story!

Kara West
29 Apr, 2013

You're adorable.

11 May, 2013

Thank you, Blake, for being courageous and sharing your story. Your testimony will help many, I promise you. Thank you.

Michael Packham
30 Aug, 2013

"God's in charge, and He knows what he's doing." That's powerful and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks.

Larry Richman
2 Sep, 2013

Thanks for this video, Blake. Hope is the 1st step, and it should give you the confidence & motivation to action to resolve the issues that are causing your attractions. God expects us to do our part by working on developing a secure sense of self and gender identity, developing healthy same-sex relationships, addressing emotional issues, etc. Resolving these issues relives the pressure to act out and helps you live the commandments. See samesexattraction.org for more info.

4 Nov, 2013

I'm in the point of my life right now where this attraction is getting harder and harder for me to live with each day. I've been trying my best to fight it, but sometimes, I feel like I'm being defeated. I'm so glad to have watched your video, though. You said so many words that I know would help me hold on to what I believe are true. I particularly like how you said that you don't know yet where you'll be in the future you have a complete trust in the Lord that He'll bring you where He wants you to be. I know that I also have to work my hardest to have that same firm trust in Him. Thank you Blake. Your example and courage to do this is just amazing. It's wonderful to end my sabbath day watching this message of hope. You are an answered prayer. You gave me the strength that I need. I wish I could meet you someday just to tell you hope greatly you helped me with all your words. Again, thank you.

4 Nov, 2013

Blake, I thank you for sharing your story. Watching all these stories, especially yours, it feels like I can really be let in to start understanding instead of feeling pushed away. Seeing how you have come to a place of peace also gives me hope even though I'm in a different situation. And as I've begun the process of letting go of my own perfectionist-control, I can relate on how wonderful it feels. Best Wishes.

Julienna Viegas-Haws
17 Nov, 2013

Thank you for sharing your experience Blake. You are handsome and have a willing heart, I know the Lord has a glorious future in store for you. It is great to see that you have discovered the power of NOW. The past doesn't matter anymore and all we can do for the future is hope for the best in faith. Where are heart and mind are NOW is what matters most and if it feels good now, everything will be ok. Thank you for being an inspiration to many.

David (Toronto)
3 Dec, 2013

Blake: Thanks for sharing a personal side of your life to others and for being 'real'. I think your testimony will help many faced with a similar situation. You said your church leaders showed love and not judgment when you told them your story. If they can love you, keep in mind how much more God can love you and accept you. Best Wishes!!

David Carlson
19 Mar, 2014

What a great and admirable man. Thank you so much for your testimony, courage, integrity, and example for enduring to the end. I know your hope will take you far and help you to realize your dreams. I am a convert to the gospel, struggle with SSA, and yet, like you knew what was right and put my trust in Heavenly Father and the plan of salvation. All I wanted, as a child, was to feel and be normal. As a new member of the Church, I wanted to follow the great examples of the good members of the Church, be married and have a family. Because of the courage and faith I was able to hold on to those many years ago, I am happily married and the father of 6 and the grandfather of, soon to be, 15. Have courage and continue on your path of faith and hope. You have the ability be a great husband, father, leader, and example to the world. God Bless!

26 Mar, 2014

Thank you for sharing your story. I think that some of your struggles with having to control everything is similar to mine. This helped to remind me to walk with faith in the Lord. He will guide my way even if I don't know it all right now.

3 Apr, 2014

I just watched your video. Thanks for sharing your story. I deal with same gender attraction like you do. Your story gives me that I can live with same gender attraction and still have good and happy life.

27 Jul, 2014

What courage and strength! A beautiful, inspiring testimony from a genuine soldier of God. Thank you.

4 Dec, 2014

Thank you for sharing Blake! My cousin Jeff is your brother in law. I love your sister Carly! Thank you for your courage and positive example - may God continue to be with you and bless you in your journey. Keep letting your light shine :)

Preston Pace
29 Jun, 2015

Blake, You have put into words exactly what I have been feeling, although I have some different experiences that have led to the same outcomes. I am also a perfectionist and had a plan for my life that I wanted to happen so badly. When I started to realize that that plan may not be God's plan for my life, it broke me. For a long time, I felt so hopeless and angry about what I was going through, and blamed it on God. From the anger I started to sour towards the church and God. Currently, I am in the same position you describe, letting the Lord guide my life, and enjoying the journey. Still, I have days where I feel upset as all of my friends are getting married and doing what I want to do so badly, and today was one of those days. That's when you have to turn to God. I came across your video and felt drawn to listen. Your experience helped me feel the love of the Savior warm me up again and gave me hope. Thank you very much for sharing. Keep moving forward!


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