David & Peggy Matheson

David & Peggy have 3 adult children. David operates the Center for Gender Wholeness, which helps men who feel unwanted same-sex attraction. He is co-founder of the non-profit organization People Can Change and co-creator of the Journey Into Manhood (JIM) experiential weekend. David is a therapist, presenter, and author. Peggy works as a Journey Coach, helping individuals and groups through emotional release facilitation. She is also an actress, presenter, and TV producer. They believe that lasting change happens through combining lifestyle changes, proper therapy, and spirituality.

Megan Dahlgren
27 Mar, 2013

What an inspiration you are to all. Thanks for sharing you experience, your wisdom, and your love!

Crystal Nyman
29 Mar, 2013

Watching this video and just knowing the two amazing people you both are because of all you have overcome inspires me and brings me hope for all the people who suffer or have suffered because of same sex attraction. I feel such compassion for those who struggle with this as well as their loved ones who struggle as a result as well. Truly this life is a journey meant to embrace and feel pain so that we can know the Savior and feel the Joy and Peace that comes from surrendering our will to His. What a beautiful expression of the way Man and Woman complete each other! You are so Incredible!!!!

Constance McCaul
3 Apr, 2013

My comment may seem backward....but immediately after hearing your story, I felt a strong confirmation of just how True the Gospel of Jesus Christ is! The Lord truly cares and the church leaders truly care about each one of us, and our individual struggles. I feel like the church members including myself, have always just turned a blind eye to Same Sex Attraction. Not knowing how to address it, we have been guilty of making believe that it doesn't really exist. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can now look at this issue with an open heart knowing the Lord is always there for us!

Jonathan Pratt
12 May, 2013

Thank you both for your continuing work... so much of it has impacted my life in a very, very positive way. I am so grateful to be able to receive a more personal story as it adds more in that regard.

3 Jul, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story for the world to see. I am not gay, and I have a fantastic husband who definitely isn't gay either...but I have a lot of gay friends. I am a vocalist and have been in the arts my whole life. Homosexuality has always, for lack of better words, interested me. I want to understand it better because I have seen it impact so many of my close friends. all else? Thank you again for your story. You and your husband seem like wonderful and dynamic people who serve as an inspiration for many.

Dennis Zetterberg
5 Jul, 2013

Hi David & Peggy. Thanks so much for your wonderfully inspiring testimony. As I viewed and listened to it, I cried, laughed and identified with so much. My wife, Joyce, I have been on a similar journey of recovery and growth in our own marriage as we have struggled with issues in our own lives. By the way, I don't know if you remember me from the JIM 6 weekend in Madison, VA way back in 2003. You helped me through my carpet work & called me into my manhood which began my accelerated growth. My life has not been the same since. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for all you have both done and are continuing to do for the sake of wholeness.

Wesley Green
28 Aug, 2013

Thank you so much ... as I am trying to type out my thanks through tears. First of all thank you for having the courage to be public with your struggles and joys. It truly is an inspiration to all of us who struggle with same gender attraction. My path will be of another journey, one of living my life as a single son of God, but seeing your connection almost converted me! I have never heard it so beautifully and simply spoken, about accepting our lot in life, accepting that life is suppose to be difficult as we journey back to our Heavenly Father. Until as of late, I have always looked to have my burdens lifted, but I am seeing through new eyes, recently being re-baptised, and I am clearly seeing and learning the law of submission, which you so beautiful described. You both are a shining light in turbulent waters ... thank you for shining your beacon of hope for all the world to see! My prayer of continued love and strength for you both...

Michael Packham
28 Aug, 2013

David, it is inspiring to hear your testimony of the correctness of choosing your wife, family, and faith rather than choosing to follow the passions of your flesh. I cling to the same hope, that the greatest joys and blessings will come through obedience to the higher yearnings of my spirit. Thank you for being a voice for keeping sacred covenants and enduring in righteousness to the end. Peggy, thank you for your example of faith and commitment to the Lord. Such a solid foundation was the reason you and my own wife have been able to lift us up and strengthen us in our own faith. You have chosen to journey with us, and that is true Christlike love.

Rick Hall
9 Sep, 2013

What a wonderful story. I watched the long version (a must see), and I was so touched at how you shared the journey together, and persisted, and grew, and now you reach out to help others. You have both touched so many lives for good, mine being one. Thank you for sharing and teaching me. Thank you for the light of God that shines through your eyes. I have been blessed this day in great measure!

Peggy Matheson
12 Sep, 2013

I wasn't really aware that you all have been writing here until I received an email from Rick Hall recently. Your posts have humbled me. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable here too. I am filled with gratitude that sharing our story and our lives, whether it be online, or in person, or on a healing weekend, has made a difference in your lives. What more joy can we have than to know that our choices have not only impacted us and our family in positive ways, but many others as well. May God continue to use us all to help lift one another!

1 Oct, 2013

Thank you for your beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your true emotions and being so honest with them. I'm praying for the same beautiful outcome for my own family. Believe we will be able to help others one day as well!

Frank W. Hays
26 Nov, 2013

Cannot express what your interview meant to me. I must confess to you both that it has taken me a while to watch, do to an article you wrote and other things I have read about you. The testimony of you both have really reached my heart. If I were not so far away and my circumstances so different. I would want to ask you to take on your most difficult challenge and be my therapist.

Mark Settle (JiM 80)
19 Jun, 2014

What a beautiful testament and story this is. Thank you for showing the world how courageous you have both been and how you have drawn strength from each other to persevere through this journey in life. I am inspired by you both. Lovingly, Mark


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