Michael Packham

Michael spent 34 wonderful years teaching music in Utahís public schools. He and his first wife, Joanne, reared eight children resulting in 33 grandchildren. After Joanne lost a 12-year struggle with Alzheimerís, Michael remarried a beautiful and articulate woman who graciously eats his culinary creations, admires his watercolors, encourages his family history research and supports him through the ongoing emotional challenges that his same-gender attraction presents. After his excommunication and subsequent rebaptism later in life, Michael is a living testament that the Atonementís healing power is worth any sacrifice.

Sarrah Hurst-Groves
9 May, 2013

I am touched by your story. You have shared many sweet comforting truths. Thank you so much for having the courage to share your voice, it is truley a voice of hope!

Ron A
9 May, 2013

Thank you for your sweet and abiding testimony of the Savior; that the conversion process sometimes comes after such intense tribulation...Having walked a similar path, I am blessed by your courage and pray that you'll be sustained even strengthened for your witness.

11 May, 2013

Michael, your testimony brought me to tears. Thank you for your incredible example of strength and righteous desire. You are a beacon, sir. Thank you so much.

Jonathan Pratt
12 May, 2013

Thanks for sharing, Michael... it gives me "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say.

15 May, 2013

Thanks for posting your interview on voices of Hope. I listened to it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep and it have me a lot of comfort and hope. A lot of your story sounds so much like mine and I am not that much younger than you are. Would like to get to know you better and share stories.

Mary Thompson
17 May, 2013

Thank you for your humble, honest and sincere testimony. I felt our Heavenly Father's spirit and the Savior's love as you shared. You are definitely a voice of hope to many!

Ieda M. J. Packham
27 May, 2013

Thank you so much, Mike, for your message. It shows your character and courage. I admire you even more now. You have always been an example to me and I love you like the brother you are, not just a brother-in-law...

Megan Dahlgren
30 May, 2013

Michael, you look so radiant on your baptism day! What a great example and beacon of hope you are! Thanks for sharing.

9 Jun, 2013

Thank you Michael! What a blessing it is to hear your story and to see your testimony. You are a great example to me of patience, humility and diligence. Thank you again.

27 Jun, 2013

Thank you for sharing.What an amazing story you have to tell. You have inspired many that the road to recovery is possible for all.

25 Jul, 2013

Michael, Your willingness to be SO transparent really touched me. Also, your age and the vanity you experienced is something I relate to and needed to hear. Thank you so much for your courage and your humility. I wish you and your wife great joy as you work together to continue moving forward. You both are great example to my wife and me.

Layne Miller
17 Oct, 2013

Michael, I have the opportunity to share my musical testimony to the world along with you as I sing in the Tabernacle Choir. Your story is amazing and has touched me deeply. Never forget who you are and that Heavenly Father loves you very much.

Michael Packham
2 Jun, 2014

I have been so appreciative of the positive response to my story. As a follow up, Voices of Hope did a short update video that can be found at http://youtu.be/0V9WfFrJg_0. It tells of my restoration of blessings and return to the temple in November of 2013. Our most current good news is Ann's and my mission call to serve for 18 months beginning the end of June, 2014. Who would ever have believed that the Lord would have been so merciful! There have been so many miracles in these last 3 years. I marvel each time I go to the temple or serve in the priesthood. God surely does love each of his children.


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