Matt LeDuc

Growing up in New Jersey, Matt learned the importance of a personal testimony of the gospel. He served a mission in Texas and later married in the temple. His life has always centered on the Savior despite learning to understand and live with same-sex attraction. After his divorce he continued his quest to better understand its intersection with the gospel plan. Today, he truly loves who he is and is grateful for family and friends that inspire and help him become the man he wants to be.

29 May, 2013

This video makes a powerful statement on the power of perseverance in building a happy life, in spite of setbacks that happen along the way. His openness and candor, even when talking about difficult subjects such as his marriage and subsequent divorce illustrated that resilience and faith are integral parts to a happier life.

29 May, 2013

I think I should write it in english, but I can't. Sou muito grato por tr a chance de conhecer histórias como a suas. Tenho 21 anos, cheguei da missão ha alguns meses e tem sido muito difícil conviver, neste mundo, como SSA. Fui batizado aos 16 e desde que me lembro sempre fui assim. Na igreja aprendi a sobrepujar isso, mas não é algo fácil. Me sinto encorajado e mais fortalecido quando tenho pessoas tão fortes e que representa tão grande exemplo pra mim, como você, ou vocês que mostram seu rosto e tentam ajudar outros com o mesmo problema. Obrigado, muito obrigado. It is Portuguese (Brasil)

Spencer Ficiur
29 May, 2013

I needed this tonight. Thank you for your testimony, Matt. Thank you so much.

Carroll Barlow
29 May, 2013

Matt,your testimony strengthens me. I am better for it. Thank you!

Wade Melling
30 May, 2013

Thank you for sharing Matt! I have so much love and respect for you, it is powerful how strong you are and how open you are to sharing this.

30 May, 2013

Another heart warming testimony of Hope and the Savior's love

Michael Packham
30 May, 2013

I so appreciate the strength of faith and testimony you have shown. You truly have followed the counsel, "deny yourselves of all ungodliness." God DOES have a plan for you and for all of us, a plan that will bring us the greatest joy in this life and exaltation in the life to come.

Megan Dahlgren
30 May, 2013

Matt, you seem familiar! That aside, I really appreciated hearing your story. You have so much hope to offer to so many both in and out of this community! Thank you for sharing!

Joan Bennion
1 Jun, 2013

There is such a wonderful "light" in Matt's countenance ~ such an inspirational message of love, courage & hope. What a great person ~ my love & good wishes for him to have great peace & happiness in his life.

Blake Smith
2 Jun, 2013

Matt, you are awesome. Thank you for your strength and courage.

3 Jun, 2013

Thank you! I needed to hear this.

9 Jun, 2013

Thank you Matt. I really appreciated your story and testimony.

9 Jun, 2013

Thanks Matt for everything you shared. I wish I had a friend like you in my life.

Jimmy Hales
1 Jul, 2013

Hey Matt, thanks for your story. I don't think we get enough exposure to stories like your own, especially the part regarding marriage. It's definitely not all a bed of roses, but it's reality that if told, can help many. Your testimony still remaining strong even after your experience is great to see, so thank you for that. Also, I love that you can joke about it. I would insert a joke here, but I fear it might put a void on this comment haha! Anyways, thanks again for your story!

2 Jul, 2013

I was inspired by your testimony. Thanks.

25 Jul, 2013

Matt, I was very touched by your courage to share your story. I too relate with the word "broken" and have struggled with the silent shame I've carried all my life about SSA. I wish you the best and hope to follow your example.

Frank W. Hays
25 Aug, 2013

Found your story so inspiring. I have spent my life in quiet desperation. Your countenance and testimony helps me continue to strive to live the gospel daily in my life. My childhood was difficult, my mother had four marriages. I was an only child in the third marriage. I was given a birth defect that brought me much pain and rejection. Yet my mother was a convert and I always felt close to Heavenly Father and the Savior. I left home at 17 due to a poor relationship with my step-father. I tried to take my life. I went into the USMC, not a likely candidate with SGA. I would find the gospel again in Iwakuni, Japan and have my church records combined together. I would go on a mission at 28 and even return home trying to address my SGA. I was blessed to receive a second mission call and fulfill a two year mission. I met my father in my thirties after my mission. He joined the church. He was the first person I just told about my SGA. Unfortunately he died of cancer shortly after.

Julienna Viegas-Haws
23 Nov, 2013

Matt, Thank you for sharing your experiences and your beautiful testimony. You are awesome.

20 Jan, 2014

Matt, Thank you for being so open. You really helped me. You give me faith that I can be open with my family and friends about my problems. I don't have same sex attraction, but I have other problems that I have been afraid to share. This fear has made me isolate myself from others. I am going to try to harder to be open and to share what i am really going through. It must have been hard for you to do this video. Please know that you made a difference to me. You made a difference in my life.

21 Mar, 2014

I hope one day I can trust someone enough to be open with them. SSA aside I have rarely been accepted. I know, however, that I do need to be able to be open with someone. Thank you. Take care of yourself.

David Carlson
29 Mar, 2014

Thanks you for your courage to speak up and share your story. So sorry your first marriage did not work out. Don't give up as you are a great guy and I know that your righteous desires for a wife and children can be realized. I struggle with SSA and was divorced after 20 years and 6 kids. I don't believe my SSA had anything to do with my divorce and I remarried 2 years later and have a wonderful wife and a great life with soon to be 15 grandchildren. Keep learning and growing in your knowledge of SSA. It can really take the edge off. Also, continue to get your cup filled with appropriate relationships. It seem to me that you give your SSA a lot of power. I don't think you need to tell everyone, as it really doesn't define you. Tell those who would benefit and tell those who are apart of your support and healing, and tell your future wife before getting too serious. As you get better, SSA will take a back seat. Continue your great example of keeping the commandme


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