Bill & Louise Seger

Bill Seger grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, studied music at Youngstown State University and served in the US Navy as an Air Traffic Controlman. His religious conversion became one of the most important single events in his life, serving as a catalyst for the paradigm shift that led to his ability to manage his same-sex attraction. He has since learned that the initial guilt, hurt, anger, and frustration could be transformed for a grand purpose---to guide him back to be with Him in the eternities. He is grateful for life’s lessons, his journey, and the ability to recognize, accept and choose the way out. Married in the St. George Temple to Louise, his eternal companion of 32 years, they are parents of three children and grandparents of five.

Fernando V.
11 Jun, 2013

Bill, your story is simply beautiful. I'm so glad I met you.

12 Jun, 2013

Bill and Louise, I just wanted to thank you for your voice. I'm grateful for the Spirit that I felt as I listened to you and Louise's journey. Thank you again so much.

Lela Bell
12 Jun, 2013

I think the courage you have given others is worth more than Man or Woman can understand. Only God can lead, direct the heart, & mind to trust & obey. I worried, yet I lack that courage or knowledge to help someone I love. Prayers needed. Congratulations to both of you.

Steve Sullivan
13 Jun, 2013

Bill and Louise's life together is a testament of the joy and happiness that comes from living according to God's plan. they have a wonderful family, heritage and legacy.

kirk luehrs
13 Jun, 2013

I had the privilege of serving, in the Navy, aboard ship, with bill. He was an excellent, air controller.. a good friend .. and a lot of fun on the beach. I am so proud of him and his journey.. I am so glad that he has found Gods pathway for his life. This video, is a great testimonial, to his courage and his character, as well as that of his wife Louise.

Ray Fowler
14 Jun, 2013

We all have our weaknesses, some of which continue to beset us in our most vulnerable of circumstances, until we learn to humble ourselves and lean upon the Lord. It's only by coming unto Him that we are truly able to turn them from weaknesses to strengths. The Lord gives us weaknesses so that we may become humble.....and teachable, willing to do all things that he may command. Thank you each for your stories of courage, and your words of inspiration. I wish you all the best.

Dennis Anderson
15 Jun, 2013

Thank you Bill for sharing your story. It really takes courage to do what you did. I finished reading your book yesterday, and it really invoked many memories from my own life. At times some of your comments about life felt like I was looking in a mirror. I to have found that by putting my life in the Lord's hands, that everything will turn out okay. It may not be what or how we wanted or the way we wanted it, but it will turn out okay. May God continue to bless you and Louise. I am proud to have you as our home teacher, and as a friend, and as the choir director. I enjoy everything.

Michelle Gonzalez
3 Jul, 2013

You are both and inspiration! Can't wait to meet you today!

3 Jul, 2013

It has been a privilege to get to know you, and I have enjoyed immensely your story of courage and determination to do what the Lord would have you do. You are an inspiration, to me and to others. Thank you for sharing your story and your life. I consider you a dear friend! I pray for God's choicest blessings to be with you and your dear wife Louise. I enjoyed hearing her testimony also in the video. You are a special couple with a lovely family. Love to you always.

meretta barnes
11 Jul, 2013

Thanks for your example of courage and strength, we love you both Meretta and family (Heidi is my oldest)

5 Aug, 2013

Bill & Louise, thank you so much for your testimony and example. It's an honor to call you both friends of mine. I'm grateful to have your strength and influence in my life.

24 Jul, 2014

Thank you for showing me that it is possible. These testimonies have changed my life.


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