Logan Jones

After serving a mission in Brazil, Logan is now an elementary education major at Utah State University . He loves music, especially singing, and participates in choirs as often as he can. He enjoys spending time with his friends and is so grateful for the wonderful support system he has found in them and his large family. He doesn't have everything figured out, nor does he know what the future holds, but he recognizes all the incredible blessings in his life and knows that the Lord has a plan for him.

Bjorn Jones
16 Jul, 2013

This is my brother and I love him so much. Nothing more important to say.

Gini Calton
16 Jul, 2013

Logan, I am so proud of what you have done here and what you will accomplish with this message of hope & love. There are innumerable hearts you will touch with this & also change. Both those who are feeling attracted to their same gender as well as their loved ones who struggle with their feelings & judgments about gay people. I love you beyond measure & I'm so thankful that my mind & heart have been enlightened through your experience & my love for you. I simply didn't understand how to make the issue of homosexuality & the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gel together. Then came your revelation that you, my beloved nephew, was gay. I was then in a position, because it touched me so close to home, that I had to figure out how to understand it, how you came to feeling the peace you found & how you feel it possible to not act on your attraction. Thank you for your patience and love while your loved ones process an

Cody Languein
16 Jul, 2013

That took a lot of guts. You are amazing and strong, Logan. I am proud I know you. It's easy to get wrapped up in hate especially having some of the experiences that you have faced. I am not LDS much less religious at all but your faith blows me away.

Kelly Jones
16 Jul, 2013

Logan, you have been a joy all my life and you continue to bless our family with your zeal for life and your incredible spirit. You have shown more courage, strength and commitment in your 21 years than most people do in a lifetime. I couldn't be any prouder of you. I thank God for placing people in your life to help and support you! May you be a light for others in giving them hope. Thank you for being a reminder that God does love us all! Your Mamma

sarrah groves
16 Jul, 2013

Thank you Logan! You are amazing and strong and just awesome in every way! Your perspective is clearly eternal. Your voice brings certain hope. Thank you for having the desire to serve and courage to share.

16 Jul, 2013

Logan, I had no idea about these struggles you've dealt with and are probably still dealing with. Please just let me say that I have wanted to help people but didn't know how, and now that I know about this website, I can! I love you so much and want you to know that you have touched my heart. The gospel is true and I am so happy that there are people who realize the full meaning of that, even though these trials exist. Thank you for being brave enough to do this. I know it will help many, many people.

16 Jul, 2013

Logan, you are great! I respect you even more than I have all of my time knowing you because of who you are and what you stand for. I never knew how much strength and courage that you have, I had an inkling, and maybe I have two inklings now, but you are incredible :)

Ryan Taylor
16 Jul, 2013

Logan, thank you for standing for truth and righteousness. Stay strong. The Lord WILL bless you in ways you can't fathom.

RaNae Dalgleish
16 Jul, 2013

I want you to know how much I love you! I am your teacher, and now you are mine. Thank you for your example of courage and commitment. You are amazing!!

Dyana Jones Whiteley
16 Jul, 2013

Logan, From the moment you came to this earth I knew you were someone special with a great purpose.... You are a wonderful example of kindness, love & loyalty. As God's warrior, you are an inspiration for anyone facing one of life's trials. I know you will always shine bright, work hard and stay faithful. You are one of my HERO'S! I love you, Mowgli! XOXO Auntie DyDy

Kim Mender
16 Jul, 2013

Nice job Logan. I look forward to meeting you sometime, my son speaks highly of you and loved serving in Brazil with you. I know he considers you a true friend. Thanks for sharing your story and perhaps more importantly using your experience to help and strengthen others.

Sarah Marshall (Hansen)
16 Jul, 2013

Thank you for this Logan, I think you are truly amazing!

Laura Torgersen
16 Jul, 2013

Logan, I'm so proud of you and all you are! I'm so glad your a part of my family! I love you! <3

17 Jul, 2013

Logan that video was incredible, both were incredible. I'm so proud of you and all of the steps you have made to become the man that you are. You are a light and an inspiration to me. As you spoke I felt the power of truth and sincerity coming from you as you shard your experience. In many ways it would seem that our greatest struggles in life become our greatest strength and quality, I love you and would not change anything about you. It is because you are the way you are that we are friends. Thank you for sharing such a delicate part of yourself with the world. It's acts of faith like this that seals a man to God, and labels him Christ's Disciple. Thank you, Logan, and keep the seal strong:) love you buddy

17 Jul, 2013

Logan, Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are an incredible young man, You are blessing the lives of so many others by sharing and standing as a witness of the incredible love that Heavenly Father has for all of his children! Love You!

17 Jul, 2013

I can remember being married and praying hundreds of nights that I could be the man I needed to be to satisfy my wife. I remember fasting so often, going to the temple innumerable times, doing church callings, all in the hope that my diligence would take the feelings away. That did not happen. Then, I remember laying in bed praying with all my heart hundreds of nights that I would not wake up, that my life would dissolve into nothingness, no heaven, no hell, just let me non-exist. That didn't happen either. My three sons touched my life in such away that I knew I needed to continue living. What was left...a final realization that the spiritual life force, some call God, loved me no less no more being gay than others straight. That life force simply wanted me to love as I was loved. So now I have moved on, whole and integrated, no longer divided fighting myself. Love had to start with me loving myself. After a half century I am almost there.

Laurel Hart
17 Jul, 2013

Thank you for such a courageous video, Elder Jones. I'm proud of your decision to stay strong in the church, even though it must be very hard. I love you very much and will always treasure our association as missionaries in Brazil. You are a choice son of our Heavenly Father and I know His choicest blessings will be with you.

Emma Pratt
17 Jul, 2013

I'm so proud of you Elder Logan Jones! You did it! I knew you could, and look at all the amazing support you have! You are such an inspiration, and I know God has great plans for you to help and encourage others around you. Thanks for being a great example and for being an amazing friend!

Gregory Harrison
17 Jul, 2013

I am glad you are taking the right steps with this situation. I am proud to know that you are fearless in facing it with faith in God. I am your friend and I support you in this righteous effort to find your own path with God's help through life. I know that God loves all of us and I know you feel his love. I am proud of you that you have shared your story to help others in similar situations. You are the best, you are truly a champ!

Grandpa Berg & Nancy
19 Jul, 2013

Logan, The Lord has given each of us different obstacles/demons to overcome during our earthly life. So very proud of the way you have chosen to confront this particular issue. Anyone that has the strength of character that you have will be blessed in life! Love you!

Renee Chitwood
20 Jul, 2013

Logan, You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your testimony of the gospel. You are truly a faithful and gifted man and I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you just as much as they love all their children. I believe that there are many in the world that need to hear your words today. You are a wonderful inspiration and I enjoy the spirit you bring to the ward when you come home from school. Keep up your faith and testimony and you will be greatly blessed throughout your life.

Michael Packham
20 Jul, 2013

This interview will be a support to many, but the person it will eventually help the most is you. Remember that it is here for YOU to watch and take strength from when temptations come. You are strong now, and your own words will give you hope and courage when you are feeling vulnerable or when the moments of doubt and frustration come. There is power here to heal because your testimony is based on the doctrine of the atonement.

Jessica Croft
26 Jul, 2013

Logan, I so appreciate the perspective and insight that you bring. Your example of faith and trust in God's plan is inspiring and I know it will help many people--whether their struggle is same-gender attraction or something else. Thank you for sharing!

Frank W. Hays
8 Sep, 2013

Logan: I would be so proud to have a son so inspiring. My counsel would be to have patience in long suffering. In the late 1970's this marine and his LDS buddies attended General Conference. Sleeping in a van, we talked of eternal companions. I had this strong impression I would be alone in life. Being a Marine/LDS I could not admit I had SSA. It would be a death sentence. I went on to serve a mission at 28. Yet at 59 I'm still alone, but have been blessed with so many angels in my life. Don't give up what you want most for what you think you need now.

Jessica Daye
17 Sep, 2013

Thank you. Your perspective about how God cares for His children gives me the strength to see the blessings in my trials. Bitterness can be such an easy temptation to give into, but thank you for your wonderful example! What a magnificent reminder that God is guiding my life and the lives of the people I care about. What an awesome example you are and thank you for sharing God's love in this way.

Julienna Viegas-Haws
16 Nov, 2013

Thank you for sharing your experience. You will continue to be a strength to many more and I have no doubt that you will have a beautiful future.

LaDarrell Lawrence
4 Jan, 2014

Logan, I am very proud of you and wish you the best of luck in life. As many others have already said it really is a true blessing to have you as a friend in this life. And what is even more is that you are sharing something so personal, something so tremendously delicate in such a positive way that hearts and prejudices have bbeen inspired to reevaluate thier view points on SSA. I love you and hope that your words remain genuine and that you follow the path set set in front of you without any malice in your heart.

David Carlson
29 Mar, 2014

Wow Logan! I am in awe at what and incredible young man you are. What and amazing missionary and example of faith, hope, and joy. I'd say you are 21 going on 90. You are such a perfect example of what can happen when we have total faith in Heavenly Father and His Gospel Plan. God Bless you for your testimony and powerful witness. Your parents and family must be so proud. I hope to meet you some day. May God continue to bless you in your ability to bless and be a light to others and I pray you will have peace, joy, and the treasures innumerable that you deserve. Well done thy good and faithful servant, well done!


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