Joshua & Alyssa Johanson

Joshua graduated in computational linguistics and currently works as a software engineer for Systran doing machine translation. He enjoys running and playing ultimate Frisbee and serves as a Sunday School teacher. Alyssa graduated in chemical engineering and works part time as a process engineer for Sapphire Energy, which creates biofuels from algae. She enjoys cooking and gardening and serves as a den mother. They were married in the Oakland temple, and currently live in San Diego, where they enjoy going to the beach, dancing, hiking and taking care of their son. They attribute their happy marriage to open and honest communication, dealing with problems head on, and most importantly, the healing available through the atonement.

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25 Jul, 2013

I was very touched by your story. Some of the things that you are choosing to do to strengthen your marriage are things that all married couples need to do. I have a gay grandson but he and his mom hold a more world view and it breaks my heart. She wants nothing to do with this group because she feels it is harmful and gives false hope. It is my prayer that one day she will soten her heart to the possibility that her son can apply the atonement to his life in as healthy a manner as the two of you have. God Bless you both

Raeann Peck
25 Jul, 2013

How beautifully you share those tender feelings from your hearts. I suspect that on many different levels, we all have parts of our lives that are bigger than we know how to resolve without God. We are so blessed to have understanding of His plan of happiness and it is revealed in each of our lives in many different ways. Those are the experiences of faith; of letting go to embrace His will that lead us to see God's workings, and His sweet love......and His power. Love to you both. Blessed be.

Jena Draney
25 Jul, 2013

I really appreciate everything you both said in your interview. It takes a lot of courage to come out with the sole purpose of helping others who are facing what you face. I think that because of what you share many lives will be blessed and many people will have hope again and more faith in Christ. People do need as much evidence as possible of His ability to guide us through all circumstances and of His love for all of us. I could feel the Spirit in my home as I watched your interview and felt inspired to share the love that I have for my friends and family who also have SSA. The more I learn about this the more compassion I have for them. Congratulations on your successes, your story is very inspiring to me.

26 Jul, 2013

Thanks Joshua and Alyssa for sharing your story. It came right at the time that I needed it; I feel it was a direct answer to my prayer last night. Thanks for your courage and willingness to reach out and help others.

Michael Packham
1 Aug, 2013

The most profound thing that I heard was from Alyssa, that many of the qualities that she was looking for in a future husband ended up being qualities that were related to your SSA, Joshua. We don't need to apologize for our SSA. We just need to direct it in healthy, righteous ways. We have the potential of building up the Kingdom of God in a unique way, and I admire you for your testimony of how God is directing you in that path.

Kj & Tom
24 Aug, 2013

Great job on this you guys! You told your story really well and it is a triumphant story to tell. Miss you guys.

29 Aug, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is so uplifting. My husband is deaf and it's amazing how many parallels our relationship has with yours. It's a challenge I never ever anticipated. It's difficult and wonderful. I love my husband so much, I would take him no matter how he came into this imperfect world. We look forward to the day when we will both have perfect bodies and live with God again.

Frank W. Hays
7 Sep, 2013

So inspiring. I hope one day for your blessing and opportunity. I had the opportunity to date a very special daughter of God. I felt so compelled one day to share my SSA. I did, and came to find out her first husband had SSA and left her and the church pregnant with their 5th daughter. We remain friends and I know each situation is different. We need role models like you that succeed not just the failures. I'm also learning I'm not a failure even if I don't marry in this life. I found in the "Gay World" many men marry and live double lives. I promised myself I'd never do that. God Bless you both always and your family

21 Mar, 2014

Every single one of the testimonies on this sight has struck a chord in me and has meant much. I can't even tell you what it was but while all are amazing your story gives me hope despite the fact that at the moment I feel more alone now than ever. You are both so full of JOY. Thank you. God bless you for this. I wish I had people like you two around me.

Christine Baird
17 Aug, 2014

Your story is so beautiful - thank you for sharing!!


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