Ryan Call

A student at Brigham Young University Idaho, Ryan believes first and foremost in God, the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior and the Holy Ghost. He believes that the foundation for a healthy relationship with family, friends, and God is honesty. He loves to read books late into the night then wake up early to pray, meditate and read his scriptures. Bullied out of his junior high school, he knows that life can be difficult and lonely. He has found peace and strength through Jesus Christ, and his Atonement.

Louise Seger
3 Sep, 2013

I think you are totally awesome! Exhibiting such great courage to face your accusers, WOW. I have been with my husband who experiences SSA for 33 years, so I know first hand that living heterosexually is possible. Thanks for sharing!

3 Sep, 2013

Hey Ryan, thank you so much for sharing your faith and hope. Your video gave me peace. A few nots i wrote of what impressed me: Sin is something to deal with, shame is something to overcome, but same sex attraction isnít a big deal Shame needs to be repented of. Isolation is one of the biggest hindrances to feeling peace. Talk about what life is like now. How I deal with it. The Lord Makes us strong Thanks

Frank W. Hays
5 Sep, 2013

Ryan, Enjoyed your wisdom, love of the gospel and testimony. I pray your journey will not last a life time as mine has these nearly sixty years. You need to hold to the small and simple things each day. I think you have mastered that already. My mission president would say do not sacrifice what you want most, for what you think you need now. Just keep holding on to the Iron rod, whether you have marriage in this life or not.

Ron Allen
7 Sep, 2013

Wow, it's wonderful to see how you've matured and been blessed. I loved hearing your testimony of the Savior and the way that he has led you. Back in the MKP days, I knew that you'd find your way. I loved that your dad too showed up for you in your life in such a big way. Blessings to you.

Spencer Priest
19 Sep, 2013

I had the privilege of working with Ryan on a nearly daily basis for the past few semesters at BYU-I; what a great guy. We miss you Ryan!

20 Sep, 2013

Ryan, you are on the right path! I think you are awesome! I so admire men and women who experience SSA but choose to follow the Savior when the world would mock your choice. Thank you for standing up for the right in all things, all times and in all places!

Julienna Viegas-Haws
16 Nov, 2013

Your confidence will strengthen many. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Spencer Hoffman
12 Sep, 2014

Wow, dude. Against a backfall of so many people that have an identity crisis over this, and end up straying from the gospel because of it... I had a feeling, as I was watching this, that, as strange or difficult as it may seem, you were given this trial to be a unique source of light to people. Yours is the first story I've heard like this. Before, it seemed to me there were primarily two groups of people experiencing SSA with regards to the church - those that bury it, and try to live like they think they should, but in essence also felt as though it's an immense struggle; that they were denying an absolute aspect of their identity, and those that had tried - long and hard, they felt - to resist, and broke. And when they broke, they insisted that it was the fault of a bigoted church. I'm proud to call you my friend. It brings me joy to see that someone like you can have their priorities straight, and find joy and satisfaction in the gospel. It's all t

26 Jun, 2017

You are an inspiration my friend. You are brilliant and extraordinary. Love your courage and love that I get to know you. :)


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