Bob & Gaye DeLange

After his mission, in 1959, Bob asked Gaye on a blind date, and 9 months later, they were married in the temple and on their way to having 6 children, 14 grandchildren and over 53 years of marriage. Bob became a Professor at UCLA and life was good, but SSA kept looming up to shatter his "dreamworld". After 47 years of pleading with the Lord and finally getting his priorities in order, the Lord intervened and produced a "Mighty Change of Heart" in him, much like Alma's experience. It was then that he finally told his family who all came to express love and support. Now retired, they love to travel, be with their family, serve in the Church, attend wonderful productions, etc. Their relationship with the Lord has deepened as they learned to seek to know His will and to let Him be the "captain of their souls."

18 Sep, 2013

I really appreciate your story and the courage that you have to share it. I think that you and others like you play a very important part in helping people come to an better understanding of SSA and the hope that can be in your life because of the Love that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father has for us. I think it is especially important for fellow Christians to have a better understanding as it isn't talked about very openly or easily in LDS culture. But I am glad that is changing. Your story is beautiful to me. Thank you for sharing the peace you have found in Jesus Christ. You have a beautiful testimony. I think it is beautiful that you now know that his Atonement is for you, too and not just for others. People need to hear that. It gives them hope to overcome their own difficulties. Thank you for sharing.

Sandra Harmon
18 Sep, 2013

Thank you for sharing so much about your life and the struggles you've had with same sex attraction. I have 2 grandsons who also struggle with this. One who recently returned home soon after starting his mission. I pray for them, as I do for all my family, but this seems like an especially hard obstacle to overcome. Your wife is a very strong and brave woman to stay by your side throughout this. I am so thankful for the Lord's atoning sacrifice in my own life and wish you all the best in the years to come.

22 Sep, 2013

I loved watching this. I know more than one person who struggles with this, and it is so, so motivating to hear from someone who has dealt with it for so long. And I find your testimony so applicable to me, even though SSA is not one of my struggles. This was wonderful. I know it probably took quite a bit of courage to tell your children, and go so public with your story, but how motivating and so wonderful it is to hear your story. Thank you, thank you.

Michael Packham
23 Sep, 2013

Thanks for sharing your story. I value your friendship and your insight into our common journey.

Michael Packham
23 Sep, 2013

Gaye, Your part on the long interview was especially meaningful to help me understand the effects that our spouses suffer. Thank you for your openness and your example of Christlike love.

Jonathan P
23 Sep, 2013

I appreciate the long-term commitment you both have had to this cause of ours. So much time has passed! Bob, you were there, I think, almost from my start of things, which is almost 14 years or so. It was a pleasure to meet you both, too; if you remember our baby girl, she's 11 now, with a kid brother. Thank you again for your many years of perseverance and support; it means so much to many of us.

David G.
26 Sep, 2013

Dear Bob & Gaye, I'm so glad to count you as my friends. You have been an example to me and my wife for years. We look forward to that being an eternal friendship. Thank you for sharing. PS They should add some of Gaye's comments to the short edition. That, or have a short with only her. She is a powerful and wonderful woman.

t. terrance
19 Feb, 2014

I am humbled by your courage and transparency!! Thanks for sharing!!


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