Stephen Larsen

Stephen was raised in the Church and has lived in Maryland, Arizona, the Northwest, and now resides in Utah. Stephen loves to spend time with his family and friends. He has a passion for design, creativity, and art. He also likes to experience the great outdoors. Stephen has a passion for animation. The Lord guided Stephen to find healing and peace in ways he would have never thought possible through overcoming shame and despair. Through a journey of dedication, effort, openness, and faith his life has been beautifully different.

9 Jul, 2013

Stephan, I love your story and your testimony. Thank you for your courage to stand up and be a voice and find the brotherhood you seek.

Name Witheld
19 Jul, 2013

Thank you for sharing. I am inspired by your faith and strength.

Frank W. Hays
15 Sep, 2013

Brother Stephen, I have so much in common although I could be your father. I don't remember any sexual abuse. My Mother had four husbands. I went on my mission at 28. Still one of the greatest experiences of my life. Because of my childhood I promised I would never have children. I regret that. I met my biological father at thirty-something. He did join the church but had little time in his life due to distance and his death to cancer in 1994. Still dealing with my SSA 19 years later. Love your message and encouragement. And agree about male relationships being so important. I think I need to be held. Maybe like John the beloved. Wish I could write so much more.

Julienna Viegas-Haws
15 Nov, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt experiences. You are a source of hope to many.

24 Nov, 2013

Stephen, your story really touched me. Your experiences match quite a few of mine. I felt the Spirit of God while watching and listening to you talking about experiences. Thank you for your courage, and faith.

25 Feb, 2014

Love you man, I'm proud to see my district leader is still being a missionary, and reaching out to touch hearts in need. You are an inspiration to me.

16 Mar, 2014

thanks for sharing your story about your SSA. It makes my realize that I can still have good and fulfulling life.

5 Jan, 2015

You shared the feelings of your heart with such tenderness and clarity. The depth of your peace is, to me, tangible. Thank you for sharing. "Sweet is the peace the gospel brings to seeking minds and true. With light refulgent on its wings, it clears the human view."


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