Danny & Erin Caldwell

Danny and Erin were married in the Washington DC Temple in 2007 after meeting each other while both attending school in Provo, Utah. Danny and Erin have two amazing little boys and another one on the way. Danny works as a mental health counselor helping men resolve unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Erin works part-time as a pediatric nurse and full time as a devoted mom. They both love to be outdoors, rock climbing, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and snowboarding, they both also enjoy playing and listening to music. Danny and Erin believe that change and a happy marriage have come to them through self-acceptance and understanding, spiritual connection and proper therapy.

Michael Packham
23 Sep, 2013

Good job. I can totally relate to your frustrations at first not seeing the options clearly. I, too, didn't hear the voices that could have told me that I could find happiness remaining true to covenants. Your's is truly a voice of hope, and I wish you well in your chosen path to share that option with others as they come to you for counsel. Erin, thanks for being so supportive and understanding.

Kassie Voigt
23 Sep, 2013

You two are fabulous. I'm happy to know you.

jody jansen balda
24 Sep, 2013

Wow thanks Danny for shairing. What a journey you have had. I am always amased at how far the attonement can reach if we just allow it. You are a testiment to how much the Saviour really does comepletly understand all we feel and go through.

Megan D.
24 Sep, 2013

Love you both a lot! Thanks for being such great examples of change and help and perseverance! What a great couple!

David G.
26 Sep, 2013

Very sweet. Thank you for sharing your lives. I'm glad to know you better. May God continue to bless you both, and your lovely family. BTW Danny, you were a cute little kid.

28 Sep, 2013

Wow Danny, I'm so moved by your story and the courage it must have taken to be so open and honest. I'm sure it will have an impact on others out there. It shows the power of choice and of the atonement. Thank you

Aubrey C.
24 Oct, 2013

You guys are heroes! Love you guys!

13 Jan, 2014

You guys are the best, and I'm so glad to know both of you. You guys are incredible examples of faith.

Sherrie D
19 Feb, 2014

You are both so courageous and selfless

Brett Talbot
26 Mar, 2014

Thanks Danny and Erin! May your story continue to inspire and support those who are struggling!

Christine Baird
17 Aug, 2014

Love your story!

Robert Craner
13 Feb, 2015

Thanks Danny, for who you are and your story, and what you have done for me and been such a great example and friend. To Erin, you have a wonderful man as a husband, I am so very happy for the both of you and your family. Love ya, and Thanks.


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