Garrett & Sallie Ferguson

Feeling he was different than other boys at an early age, by the time his teens arrived, Garrett knew that he experienced same-sex attraction. Going on to serve a successful mission, he met Sallie shortly after he returned and their great friendship eventually turned romantic. Both native Texans, Sallie graduated from college with a degree in kinesiology and Garrett graduated in architecture with a focus on sustainable design. They were married on December 28, 2010 in the Dallas Temple and have a young daughter. The Fergusons firmly believe that despite whatever you may be struggling with, there is a place for you in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to also read Garret's essay 'All That I Have.' and Sallie's essay 'My Roller Coaster Journey.'

4 Nov, 2013

Thanks guys. It's always faith promoting to see and hear of people's experiences with ssa and living the principles of the gospel. It gives me courage and determination to endure with joy!

sarrah groves
4 Nov, 2013

so blessed to have seen this today! thank you for sharing the gospel looks beautiful on you two!

Omar Pisani
4 Nov, 2013

First of all, congratulations for this project and its vision! Truly far from necessary in this world and on these latter days. Things must be led to light, not to be judge but to show how deeply necessary is everyone learn how the Atonement of Christ is available for all children of God and not for part of them. There is no degree about what is less or more sinful before The Lord in due to achieve our salvation and fulfillment of this mortal life! This earthly time is the time for all of us prepare to return to Our Beloved Father! To Garret, your testimony of the gospel and how you let the Spirit work in your life is a living proof of its truth! To Sallie, what a wonderful daughter of God you are, and how important you are in The Lord's plan! Maybe one day because of the courage of you both, the SSA will not be stigmatized and will be brought to light and help young boys and girls to not let them think their place is out of the church, and keep then nearer to God and its true go

4 Nov, 2013

Thanks for your courage and example. Your beautiful story will bring hope to many people.

4 Nov, 2013

I love that you are brave in sharing from the heart and I know it will bless so many lives. Thank you!

4 Nov, 2013

I so admire your willingness to share your experience, strength, and hope. I love you both.

5 Nov, 2013

Garrett and Sallie -- wow. Garrett, how impressive is your sweet devotion to truth and the Gospel, especially after you gained your testimony and were willing to forego marriage and sex to be right with God. Sallie -- the term "helpmeet" comes most quickly to mind to see your support, understanding, and love for Garrett. What a great and worthy role you've played in his life. You folks are a charming and affirming example that we can overcome the challenges we have in marriage -- even SSA -- to live righteous lives together in the Lord. Thanks so much for your courage, honesty, and selflessness in permitting us to learn from your paths. Loving you both is pretty easy to feel from this video. Lucky the people who can call you friends.

6 Nov, 2013

Wow! This is really inspiring. I have known enough "gay" people to understand that they are not just trying to be evil or rebellious, but that they truly have an internal struggle that most of us cannot comprehend. What a blessing to have people who are willing to share their struggles and reach out to those who are searching for answers.

6 Nov, 2013

WOW .... I am so proud of you two! God Bless you and your sweet family. Love you! Sis P

12 Nov, 2013

You did an amazing job! Very articulate and Garrett has an incredible wife. I appreciate your courage.

13 Nov, 2013

Garrett- I've always admired your testimony and devotion to the gospel. You obviously have sacrificed to obtain both. I admire your faith in God and in the plan. I think you are an example to anyone, SSA or not. We all have the same natural man struggle with our appetites, passions, weaknesses, transgressions, and sins. Sallie- I don't actually know you, but you must be a lovely person. I think it is good that you shared your story. I'm sure that there are many who need another voice about this than the one that comes from the world. And thanks for linking the site from facebook (that's how I found it).

25 Mar, 2014

Hearing you two was a blessing today. And it got as far as Argentina. Thank you guys for your brave example. Brave because of the sharing but also because of the living: those blind steps that going forward without knowing if it would be possible represent, the room you two gave God in your choices, your acceptance of His will and your trust in each other. God bless you.

Aaron M
29 Mar, 2014

Thank you for sharing your story.

18 May, 2014

Su testimonio es impresionante y esperanzador. Qué autenticidad se siente en sus palabras y en su elección de Dios y en el amor y la confianza que se tienen el uno al otro. Son un ejemplo, para gente como yo, que ha decidido dar el mismo paso que ustedes. Tengo 17 años de casado y 3 niños y mi esposa sabe de mi SSA... Lo vivimos juntos, en la fe, el amor y la transparencia. Lo que es imposible para los hombres es posible para Dios. Gracias, gracias, gracias por su testimonio.

Kylie Brigance
28 Jun, 2014

I felt the spirit from beginning to end and I believe full heartedly that what they said was true, was needed to be said, and was supported by The Lord. I smiled, I laughed, I cried. I cried and laughed so much during their absolutely beautiful love story. And will settle for nothing less than such a real, thought out, prayerful relationship for myself someday. I can't wait to share this with my family. Even if my brother wasn't struggling with ssa, that video shows a real person, using the gospel and the atonement in his life, doing hard things, and never giving up. And that's a lesson everyone needs to learn no matter what their struggles and trials.

23 Jul, 2014

What an amazing example. I had no idea that there are people living the same thing that I am living. This truly is a website of hope!

11 Jan, 2015

Thank you SO MUCH for this video! it's exactly what I needed to hear tonight, and gives me so much hope for the future! You two are amazing individuals


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