Curtis & Tera Brown

Life-long members of the LDS church, Curtis and Tera have been married for 19 years and have 4 wonderful children. Curtis served a full-time mission in São Paulo, Brazil, graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors degree and went on to complete his Juris Doctorate and MBA from the University of Wyoming and University of Utah, respectively. In his spare time he’s an avid road cyclist, skier and spends time with family and friends. Tera graduated from Brigham Young University in Clothing & Textiles Design. When she’s not taking care of the household she does freelance clothing design. Through their experiences, they’ve sought certification as Intuitive Life Coaches in multiple modalities to aid in emotional release. They believe that strengthening their relationship through increased love, understanding, healthy communication on the principles of the gospel is the best gift they can give their children and those around them.

Kerry Harding
27 Jan, 2014

Some things are worth the wait. This was one of them.

Michael Packham
28 Jan, 2014

Ann and I watched your story for home evening tonight. It led to some good discussion. Thanks for sharing.

28 Jan, 2014

Curtis and Tera -- awesome video -- long version even better than the short. I can see why you two have become sources of healing to many others. You seem to have the big picture in such focus, that you can give hope to those not yet at your level of comprehension of SSA and all the experiences and emotions that go into creation of those feelings. Congrats to you both: Tera, for your willingness to support Curtis and find your own healing along the way; Curtis, for addressing the challenges within you, for seeking help, and finding strength and improvement that's been a blessing to your wife, your family, and many who will watch or hear your story. I am envious of the closeness that you two enjoy, no doubt enhanced by having to walk this walk together over the past several years. Maybe someday, my wife will join me on our path of healing. Your healing is inspiring, and story gives me hope that I'll enjoy the blessings that you two have found, God willing.

Bill Seger
28 Jan, 2014

It's hard for me to express how much respect and admiration I have for you and Tera. The strength and wisdom of your journey is inspiring. Thanks for allowing yourselves to be vulnerable and help lay the ground work for others struggling with SGA; that can lean on your strengths and follow your example and especially see the love you have for the gospel. You both are an inspiration to me and Louise and our lives are far better for knowing and being your friends. May God continue to bless and give you the courage to complete your journey with honor; fulfilling your role as a worthy son of God, a husband, and father.

Phil Keeve
30 Jan, 2014

Curtis and Tera, I am so grateful for your example and for all you have done to help me in my own journey. It is an honor to know you both and to know what you have accomplished. Best wishes to you and your family always.

31 Jan, 2014

Thanks for sharing your story. It brings comfort to the families who also struggle with this same thing. We can all help each other through this journey that god calls us on. We can find our way through anything with our father in heaven and become what he knows we can become. Your story brings peace hope love and understanding to those who hear it. Thank you.

10 Feb, 2014

You two are amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your story. You will inspire so many more to do the same.

Joan Bennion
27 Feb, 2014

You are such wonderful people I've been privileged to get to meet and to become friends with. It's so true that out of challenges we become more empathetic, able to love unconditionally and to be able to understand rather than always judging. "Be nice - everyone you meet is fighting a battle." is a favorite quote of mine. We sometimes never know -- even the people closest to us. Thanks for sharing. You have gained valuable wisdom & compassion. You are great examples & I'm so proud to call you my friends. Carry on this needful service to others and know that you are loved & so respected for you faith, courage and commitment. Joan Bennion 27 Feb. 2014

24 Jul, 2014

Wow, this is almost my story to the tee. It is so weird to hear my experience told by someone else. I never imagined that others had done what I had done. This fills me with so much hope, and faith, and I just feel like I know what to do now. Thank you

30 Jan, 2015

Thank you for sharing your story.


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