Meagan Jackson

Meagan was born and raised a member of the Church in California. After a semester abroad and a full-time mission, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in psychology. She now works as a middle school teacher and loves every minute of it. When she’s not working, she likes to spend time writing music and traveling the world. In the last several years as Meagan has come to understand her feelings of same-sex attraction, she has learned that while it may be a part of her identity, the most important part of her identity is her knowledge that she is a daughter of God and a member of His Church. She wants to be able to reach out to others and strengthen them to find the peace the Savior can bring.

Be sure to also read Meagan's essay, 'Learning to Love Myself.' Read here.

15 Apr, 2014

Your advice to wait and sort through priorities and desires first is the greatest take away I received from your message. Thank you for your steadfast example.

Amy's mom Evelyn
15 Apr, 2014

Meagan thanks for sharing your story--You are very amazing young woman who has touched my heart. Thank you Meagan.

26 Apr, 2014

I just want to thank you for your courage and example. You steadfastness in Christ and choice to follow him. I needed your example. Thank you. the Gospel is so true! And you are an example of how, no matter what we are struggling with, we can always choose to follow Him.

Joseph Picon
1 May, 2014

I appreciate your radiant countenance and smile. Thanks for your witness of truth-I really relate to much of your experience.

4 May, 2014

Meagan, Thank you for sharing such hope with everyone. I remember such happy times we all had in BYU Women's Chorus, and I just admire you even more now than I did then. Your story is such a good example of how the atonement brings us peace in this life even if our struggles aren't taken away from us. Much love sent your way!

Sydni D
4 Jun, 2014

Thank you for sharing and for being a bright beacon of hope for others!! It is so neat to see you share your story and I especially appreciate that you shared about your journey to understand yourself and what you want out of life! Thank you for standing for what you believe. You are so strong and courageous!

Christine Baird
17 Aug, 2014

Awesome Meagan.

17 Sep, 2014

You are amazing. This video and your words are helping me so much. thank you.

25 Dec, 2014

Thank you for reaching out. It's good to not feel so alone in this unique circumstance. I, as well, hope to always strive and live worthy of a temple recommend. I know that all blessings are available to all of God's children.

god loves you
14 Jan, 2015

Meagan, if you're reading this, I want you to know that the Lord loves you no matter who you are attracted to and who you love. I am not a Latter Day Saint (I'm Catholic) so I can't know everything that you have learned about homosexuality, but as a Christian gay woman I know that God loves me and my girlfriend just as much as people who are heterosexual. If you love someone God doesn't care what gender they are. For a long time I was ashamed of my sexuality and it was God who helped me through and made me understand that there was nothing wrong with me and that acting on homosexuality is not a sin. You don't have to hide it or pretend to be someone you are not by marrying a guy. You are not alone and you deserve to be happy. I wish for the best for you! Sincerely, A Lesbian Christian

Craig McCombs
20 Apr, 2015

Thank you Meagan!

23 Apr, 2015

So powerful and honest. Thank you for helping to open my eyes and to feel more compassion and understanding for others.


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