Kent Flake

Kent was born in Snowflake, Arizona. He and his 9 siblings learned the value of hard work while growing up on a cattle ranch. He owns his own accounting business while managing the family ranch with his brother. Kent served his mission in New Zealand where he gained a strong testimony of the gospel. When his father died, he gained a testimony of the Plan of Salvation that carries him through the really rough times. He has learned that by trusting the Savior everything that happens will be for his good if he allows it.

Be sure to also read Kent's essay, 'Press Forward.' Read here.

27 May, 2014

What a great voice of hope video! I love the way you are able to rely on the things you do know, when times get tough. You're a strong, and a valiant man Kent. An great example of how we can't choose what we get given but we can certainly choose what to do with it. You serve so easily and willingly it's inspiring. Thank you for becoming a voice of hope to those who don't have any left.

Aaron M
27 May, 2014

I can relate to much of your story. Thank you for sharing.

27 May, 2014

On a most difficult day ... one of "those" days when the challenges of ssa seem ore than one can bear ... your video was posted and it made all the difference for me. Thank you, brother, for your courage and eloquence in sharing your story. May GOd bless you.

Nerita Flake
28 May, 2014

Thank you Kent, you are brave and strong and true.

Kent Flake
28 May, 2014

Levi I am glad it was able to help you out!! I have had those days more times than not and I'm just grateful for those that have helped me out. If you ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be more than happy to talk!

Mother of 5
28 May, 2014

I can't tell you how much this video has ment to me. I'm so impressed with your courage not only to share your feelings but to work so hard to strive for a relationship with our Savior. You are a great example and are working PEEFECTLY to fulfill your mission here.

Aubrey T
28 May, 2014

Kent, YOu have always been such a great example to me, my brother, and parents. Thank you for sharing your inspiring testimony with the world to let those struggling with the same or similar difficulties, such as myself. The spirit is with you and I can feel it touch my heart as you share your testimony. You are the definition of having courage and a steadfastness in Christ by always turning to Him and staying strong in the LDS church, His church. I love you and The Lord loves you. Thank you.

28 May, 2014

Thank you for your courage to share such a private part of your life. You have helped me understand ssa better and to not be judgemental. May you be blessed for helping others.

Aunt Marilyn
31 May, 2014

We all love you, Kent, and support you in 'pressing forward' on your journey, and for your efforts to assist others in doing the same, in love, not judgement. You are an inspiration!

3 Jun, 2014

So proud of you man. So pleased with the great man you are and I feel blessed to know you. I know it takes great courage to stand up and share, but I also know that by sharing you not only bless your life, but the lives of countless others. Thank you.

Betsy C
3 Jun, 2014

Kent, I am a therapist and advisor to a group of men who live with SSA. I have read many of these essays and seen many videos. There is something, however, profoundly touching to me about yours. As I read it, I felt a kinship with you for though I do not have SSA, I think your feelings of loneliness and suffering resonant with all of us who have ever needed and or sought the Atonement. Thank You for this powerful and inspiring video.

4 Jun, 2014

This was so beautifully put and courageous. I learned so much from listening to your story. Our God is so good to all of us. I loved hearing how he has worked with you in your hardest trials. Love from Texas.

Jennifer Flake #3
5 Jun, 2014

Kent, You are a such an inspiration! You will always have our family's love and support.

Heidi Anderson
7 Jun, 2014

Kent, I had so many emotions listening to your voice of hope. I have always known you were intelligent, giving and responsible.I think all of us who grew up on "the ranch" owe you a debt of gratitude for how you handled some of the ranch's affairs after your dad died. But listening to this I was so impressed with your courage and strength. You account of being able to ask for help with your struggles is so inspiring. We all have trials and things we need help with but for some reason, to admit we need help and be humble takes more bravery than anything. I am sure that you will be able to continue to serve other's by sharing so openly your story. I believe that your dad would be so proud of who you are. N

7 Jun, 2014

Kent - It was great hearing your story! What a blessing it will continue to be to others. It was great meeting you at JiM in March. You were the first person to reach out to me and offer me a ride. You and the others on this site are paving the way for a true understanding of SSA. It is comforting knowing that we are on this journey together. Love you, brother!

12 Jun, 2014

Thanks Kent for the reminder that the gospel of Christ works for all of us!

20 Apr, 2015

You are the real deal. Man, I admire and respect you.

27 May, 2015

Kent, I knew you from the singles ward and I always knew of your genuine kindness and devotion to the church, but I can honestly say that I can't help, but feel humbled and inspired by you from the short 7 minute interview that I just watched. You have opened my eyes to new depths of the atonement that I have not yet discovered for myself. You have woken up a part of me that needs to do better, dig deeper and be perfected in Christ. This is an incredible trial and through it, you are blessing so many people. Keep it up!

28 May, 2015

Thank you for sharing your testimony, I know the Lord will bless you with all of His promised blessings as you continue staying strong and doing what's right. Thank you for your great example of being faithful and sharing how the Atonement of Christ has blessed your life, we all need it and are dependent upon our Savior.

2 Jul, 2015

Oh Kent, it was beautiful to hear you tell your experiences. And also a bit crazy as I have known you my whole life! Part of me is so sad that you dealt with those challenges alone esp in High School, when you were technically surrounded by friends but felt so alone. But then the other part of me is so grateful though that there is the Atonement and our Savior... For all of God's children. Thank you for being brave and telling your story. Eternity is a wonderful thing isn't it.


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