Arlo & Kathy Hulick

Arlo was born with a severe hearing loss, but was mainstreamed in public schools and relies on a hearing aid and reading lips to communicate with others. 22 years ago, he met Kathy, a widow with a young son. They were married in the Oakland Temple, had two additional children, and currently live in the Salt Lake City area. Until recently, Arlo worked as a structural engineer. Kathy is a sign language interpreter, and they are running a business consulting firm together. Through their journey they have come to experience the Atonement of Jesus Christ and are grateful for the influence His gospel has had in their lives.

Be sure to also read Arlo's essay, 'A Burden Lightened' and Kathy's essay 'Through Humility, Weak Things Become Strong'

Peggy Matheson
5 Aug, 2014

Arlo and Kathy, I so appreciate you sharing your story. You have inspired and uplifted me. its wonderful to see how the spirit guided you both through the challenges you have faced, and how much Arlo adores you Kathy! What a great example you are.

Embraced by Jesus
6 Aug, 2014

Wow, what a wonderful, beautiful and powerful testimony! I smiled through tears as I listened to both your stories, and I nodded in agreement to many of your statements. I have appreciated the friendship from both of you over the years. Arlo, I thank you for your testimony, your story and your great example. God bless you both for sharing this intimate story with the world.

6 Aug, 2014

Your family is very proud of you. This has been a hugh journey for you and also one for the family. We are so pleased of the way you have worked through these issues. We were glad to join you in the temple last summer at the wedding of your daughter. Keep up the good work.

Anissa Olsen
6 Aug, 2014

This is beautiful! Your story touched me and I am so grateful for your courage in sharing it with us so we can grow and learn from it. You can feel the love you have for each other! Thank you.

10 Aug, 2014

The love you have for each other and the devotion to your faith are clearly evident in the words you write and in the words you say. I am proud of your testimonies and am proud to call you my friends.

11 Aug, 2014

"I love this woman." So powerful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your story with me and giving me the hope that there is profound peace and love by living the gospel.


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