David & Charlotte Maughan

Parents of four children and grandparents of two, David and Charlotte have learned to trust the Lord as they seek to provide love and support to their son, Adam, who experiences same-sex attraction. The Maughans choose to build on a foundation of faith that allows them to find peace and joy in their journey. Even when others around them cannot help, they know the Lord gives answers and shows them the way.

The Maughan’s share their story with the permission of their son, Adam.
He is supportive of them sharing their journey, in the hope that other parents will benefit and find peace in their perspective.

Be sure to also read Charlotte's essay, 'Yours Is Not to Fix. Yours Is to Love.' Read here.

15 Sep, 2014

My goodness! I'm really very impressed on your capacity to show pure love as parents. I started watching this video thinkink that I would hear an usual story like the other ones on this web site. I could not imagine it would be a story from parents who support a son who deals with SSA. I'm sure this video is going to be a rich source of hope for many other parents who have children dealing with the same stuff. Thank you two very much for sharing the loving way you treat your son even after so many things. Your love and understanding are going to make a huge difference in his and other's lives! I really hope my parents are going to react like you two when I tell them I also deal with SSA. Thank you for everything. Your such a good example. :D Big brazilian hug.

Sandy Cazier
15 Sep, 2014

WOW!! Dave and Charlotte what a powerful interview you gave!! You two are truly my heroes and I am so very grateful to have you as my beat friends! Thank you for sharing your story and your testimonies with everyone. I have watched you go through this journey and you have done it so remarkably well and and I have learned so much from you and your stories and examples because your story of this "trial" can be related to so much more than just SSA and by following your story it has taught me about becoming more Christlike and learning to love as He does in any situation. The Northstar people are so lucky to have you as part of their family. Please keep sharing your words of encouragement and hope to the world. I love you and Adam and all the rest of your family. Thank you again for your wonderful testimonies and more importantly your examples. Love you so much!!!!!

16 Sep, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing your story! That was beautiful to hear the way that you talk about Adam and your own personal journeys. My favorite part was hearing you say that you are all on the journey together. Thanks for your loving example!!

21 Sep, 2014

Thank you Thank you I can never dream of the support and love you give to your son To be offered to me.Yours is the love of Jesus who loves unconditionally .your my surrogate parents in away, your love will keep me goin. awoderu27@hotmail.com

David G.
25 Sep, 2014

What a sweet message you have shared. You made me cry. Really, it is all about love. Every challenge we or others face, is just the Savior's invitation for compassion. So glad to know you, and hope to know you better through the years. David, your sharing your own difficulties with your son is huge. I never could muster the courage to talk with my Dad about this issue, and now he is gone. Love you both.

11 Oct, 2014

It was with great relief I listened to your story - I was very worried that you were going to say that Adam had taken his own life. That could so easily have happened had you chosen to reject him. Loving him unconditionally is the way. Phew.


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