Andrew Harvey

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to convert parents, Andrew Harvey is the fourth of six children. He served a mission in South Florida then attended Brigham Young University—Idaho, where he received a bachelor’s degree in communication. Andrew now works in the home décor and design industry. He is a teacher in his elders quorum and does public affairs in his stake.

Be sure to also read Andrew's essay, 'While on My Journey Here Below.' Read here.

Lucy hall
25 Sep, 2014

What great example this young man is . Satan alway will use are weakness to hold us down ,and everything ,but when he is bothering me ,I say get thee behind me and pray

Carolyn Gibb
25 Sep, 2014

Wonderful story. Thank you so much and best of luck to you, Andrew!

Brent Olsen
26 Sep, 2014

"What really defines me is that I'm a Son of God." What a great statement. Bravo Andrew. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jomhar Agbon
12 Oct, 2014

"I'm a child of God." what a very inspiring statement.

Cameron Robbins
7 Feb, 2017

Such a powerful and true message. The world tries to define us based on our skin color or attraction, but we are so much more. "I am a child of God" is probably the best definition for who we really are. Thank you for your voice.


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