Blake & Denise Smith

Blake and Denise Smith know that God directs their lives for good. God led them to each other, he helped them understand each other's challenges, and he continues to bless them with love and happiness. Through it all, the Smiths have learned that they can accomplish anything required of them so long as they have faith.

29 Sep, 2014

Touching story, you both have been blessed to have found each other. Your strength and conviction will bless others when the hear your strong testimonies.

Marta Y Sanchez
30 Sep, 2014

Thank you for sharing your life experience. I takes a lot of courage from your part in sharing this, but I feel that you want to help other people that may be struggling with this right now. Thank you for your testimony. I know that Jesus Christ can help us in anything and everything we need in this life to be able to live with him again. His Atonement did this for us. Thank you!!

Rick Hall
5 Oct, 2014

Thank you for sharing! Blake, early in my journey that seemed so hopeless, I started to read the VOH book. I remember your story, and I was touched then, as I am touched now, at your story, your testimony and your strength. Thank you so much. God bless you and Denise.

Tanya L Bennion
8 Oct, 2014

You are an incredible man. Thank you for sharing your story and the courage you have shown throughout your life.

12 Oct, 2014

Thank you guys for sharing! Your story is beautiful, and it feels genuine. It gives me hope to know that you have found love and peace together


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