Jeff & Sarah Case

Each day, Jeff Case has the opportunity to seek the Lord's will through prayer. As he does, he feels assurance from the Lord that he is doing the right thing. That assurance provides him with peace and a desire to serve, especially in his current calling as early morning seminary instructor. Jeff and his amazingly talented and beautiful wife, Sarah, have been married for 16 years. They are the parents of one son and two daughters.

Be sure to also read Jeff's essay, 'No More a Stranger, Nor a Guest.' Read here

31 Dec, 2014

Thank you for sharing your voice. I love how you speak of the law of consecration in this context. I never thought of it that way, but it really is a perfect analogy!

31 Dec, 2014

this was such a touching story. Thank you for sharing God bless you both on your journey.

2 Jan, 2015

loved this! absolutely wonderful to hear such a happy positive life story.

Voices of Reason
3 Mar, 2015

Sarah, We just watched your inspiring video. Jeff talks about his sacrifice, but minimizes your incredible sacrifice. You are a beautiful woman and deserve to be embraced by a man who is attracted to you for the WOMAN you are. Thank you for sharing.

23 Mar, 2015

Loved your story - both of you! Very courageous. Keep up the good work. :-)

11 Apr, 2015

Thank you so much! You have given me more hope than I thought possible. I want what you two have with all of my heart. :)

Shannon Carlson
14 May, 2015

Absolutely beautiful! I SO appreciate you two sharing your faith, love, hope and testimonies! Power couple! Thanks for your example!

29 Jun, 2015

Thanks to the both of you for sharing your story. It is so assuring and strengthening and optimistic and solid. Not just because of what you deal with BUT that you deal with your marriage in ways that we all should apply in our relationships. And thank you for sharing your testimony of the Gospel, of the Book of Mormon, and the Savior. Thank you for sharing your example of true friendship in a marriage relationship. It gives me hope, and it also gives me an understanding - a pattern with aspects I could possibly use as a guide. The reason why say that is because some of the things which you have said I have seen in my own life particularly with the relationship that I had several years ago with a dear friend and a daughter of God. You are both fantastic.

7 Jul, 2015

Your story and the love that you have for one another is so beautiful and inspiring. It is my prayer and hope that your experience will bless the lives of others. The blessings of sacrifice are real and I'm glad to see them play out in your lives. Thank you for sharing your story!

11 Sep, 2015

Dear ones, your story touched me in ways I can't express. Your courage gives me hope for my precious son who struggles with same-gender attraction, and who would love to have a family. Please know that I am sending hugs to you across the internet!

9 Feb, 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It very similarly paralleled my own story with my own husband and family. It's amazing to me to to see that we're not alone. Thank you so much for your generosity.


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