Heather Myers
20 Jan, 2015

Brad you have such great courage and I am proud of you for speaking up about a personal subject. You are an inspiration and a light to the world. Thank you sharing your story and testimony. I hope I can show that same courage and love daily. Thank you my friend.

Eileen Stoker
20 Jan, 2015

Thanks for your courage in sharing your journey so far in life. You are a noble son of God and I will always be grateful that I'm your mom.

Dorian Stoker
20 Jan, 2015

I'm so so proud of you for your courage and determination in telling of your experience. We as your family will always be there for you. I'm blessed to be your Dad. Love you!

Debbie Stoker
20 Jan, 2015

Beautiful job, Brad! You are an inspiration to many.

Levi Son
21 Jan, 2015

Brad, Thank you for sharing your story in such a way as to convey real hope in the face is very discouraging personal circumstances and emotions. You have been an instrument if God's hands to bless many, many lives!

21 Jan, 2015

Your the man for sharing your story. Wishing you the best brother.

Michael Woodruff
21 Jan, 2015

Brad, you have always been an inspiration for me. I am very proud of you for being willing to share your personal experiences. It will be helpful for many people. Remember that you have been (and still are) awesome! Thanks for sharing your story! :)

Stephen Nelson
21 Jan, 2015

I have a great amount of respect and admiration for you Brad. You have been and will always be a great friend. Thank you.


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