Alex Lindstrom

A Utah native, Alex served as a library attendant in the Family and Church History Mission before graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting. He now works as a financial analyst for a hydroelectric utility and sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Due in part to his experience with same-sex attraction, Alex has grown to understand the love Heavenly Father has for all of his children. He is grateful for the love and support he feels from family and priesthood leaders.

Be sure to also read Alex's essay, 'A Different Road.' Read here

Michael Packham
3 Feb, 2015

Good job, Alex. I'm proud to be your friend. You're a great spokesman for us.

Frank Longhurst
3 Feb, 2015

Alex thank you for your voices of hope video. You are an inspiration . I have said hello to you at northstar events and noticed that you are a fine young man. I was also impressed to see you singing with the tabernacle choir. You surly have been blessed with many talents. Best wishes on your journey of self discovery. Thanks again for sharing your story, what a blessing you are to all who know you.

5 Feb, 2015

Alex, I admire both your honesty and your commitment to the gospel. You are among brothers.

Miss Annie
6 Feb, 2015

And for the support and love of your Annie friend. I think you forgot to mention that. Ha. I just love you. You are wonderful. You are my hero.

Richard Ware
7 Feb, 2015

thank you for your story, I am impressed to say because of the vulnerability of love, men today are dealing with the westernized male that is inbreaded for many years. They don't truly understand what it means to be loving in an all encompassing way, what it means to be tough on the inside without the stereo type of violence which is force in any way, ego that is an attitude of I am better than you. If we can put off this image than I believe that we are very much like the Savior. Did he have to show the behaviors of ego, intimidation, violence, competition that puts another in lesser appearance? This love wanting to express can be healthy so long as it does not detour from the desire to procreate with sisters who have the divine commission with Heavenly Father and Mother. The Spirit will tell when that is endangered. Will keep you in prayer that you may find a sister who can understand. I have been married for thirty two years in June, continue communication and nothing will s


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