About Ed

Ed was four years old when his parents met two Mormon missionaries and decided to get baptized. So Ed grew up in a conservative LDS family in Illinois. When he was 20 he went to Japan to serve a two years LDS mission. Within one year of returning from his mission he married a Japanese girl he met at college. Five years later they had a baby boy and named him Eddie, after his father. Eddie was also raised LDS and seemed like the perfect Mormon boy. When Eddie was 17 he told his Dad that he was gay. Then two years later he told him that he wasn’t gay, he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. Today Eri (still pronounced like “Eddie”) and her father are very close and have appeared together in a documentary, radio and TV shows and speak every opportunity they have about their experience, hoping to be a support and help to other people who are going through similar experiences. One of the things that makes Ed unique is that he has been able to reconcile the passion he has for helping members of the LGBT community with his LDS faith.


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