Preston & Megan

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Connect with NAME

Preston and Megan Dahlgren were best friends when they decide to marry, and they now have a beautiful, smart, and stubborn daughter. Pret works as a nurse and Megan as a part-time school teacher and full-time wife and mom. They both hold callings in their ward and enjoy spending time with friends and family within and outside of their home. They believe that change is possible and requires hard work but the end result is becoming the person you want to be and that makes all the effort worth it

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  1. David S Bradshaw

    Would you be willing to talk and answer some questions. I am a gay man who is starting to date a woman and I just have a few questions regarding your experience regarding that.

  2. Alex

    Pret and Megan you both have touched me. I feel like my life has been a lot like Preston yet I have never shared my SSA with anybody. I am so scared and afraid of so many things. I feel so alone and disconnected.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with all those who struggle with this stuff.


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